Adventist Theology Faculty

Becoming a pastor at the Adventist theology faculty

The Adventist theology faculties primary function is to give Theological and pastoral education to future pastors of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Seminary has a partnership with the Faculté de théologie protestante de Stransbourg since 1983, enabling students to access a complete range of Theology degrees, such as a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters degree.

In addition, the Faculty has signed academic partnerships with Andrews University in the United States, the Laval University in Canada and the Adventist Theology Seminaries of Friedensau in Germany and Sagunto in Spain.


Certificate in Religious Studies

The Certificate in Religious Studies is delivered after one year of elective courses designed for those who would like to deepen their understanding of Adventist theology without any professional purpose. One must validate a minimum of twenty-six credits in order to obtain the Certificate.


Bachelor in Adventist Theology

Minimum entry requirement: the French Baccalauréat or an equivalent diploma. The Bachelor degree will be delivered after three years of successful studies.


Master of Arts (Theology)

Minimum entry reqirement: a Bachelor degree in Adventist Theology or an equivalent diploma. The Master of Arts in Theology (based on researches) rewards two years of successful studies.

Teaching staff

Guest teachers

Yvan BOURQUIN, Narratology

Roland FAYARD, Health Principles

Daniel HORNICAR, Old Testament

Thierry LENOIR, Initiation to Chaplaincy

Jacques SAUVAGNAT, Bible and Science

Bernard SAUVAGNAT, New Testament

Rudy VAN MOERE, Old Testament

Claude VILLENEUVE, Theological English