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The Ellen G. White SDA Research Centre is designed to promote research about history of Millerism and Adventism, to provide access to the complete works of Ellen White (1827-1915) and a great number of resources about her ministry, her writings,  her life and the history of the Seveth-day Adventist Church.

The research centre is a european branch of the Ellen G White Estate, a world-wide official organism designed to maintain the publication of this patrimine. It aims to facilitate a christian and comprehensive reading of the texts left by an important figure of adventism and showing the deepness of her spirituality. In addition, the research centre is concerned with the question of christian spirituality and religious actuality.

Research Centre

The Ellen G White research Centre is happy to welcome visitors regardless of their philiosophical or religious beliefs.

Ellen White

Amercian Author and Conference speaker, active militant in the fields of education, human rights, environment, healthy lifestyle, ablolition of slavery, equality of races, Ellen White (1827-1915) participates with a few friends to the foundation of the christisan Adventist mouvement.

The most widely translated women of history, author of an impressive corpus of over 5000 articles and 40 books, Ellen White distinguishes herself by the pertinence of her apology of a kind God in the Gospel. The central place in her writtings given t the beauty of the character of God is a characteristic of her works.

The Adventist community recognises a prophetic dimension to the creativity of her ministry.

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