Since 1921, Collonges-sous-Salève has been a mecca for French-speaking Adventist theology. Yesterday as today (and tomorrow), Bible study, reflection on God and the Church, but also a spirituality centered on Christ and a convivial fraternity are at the heart of the life of the FAT.

Its mission statement states: "The Adventist Faculty of Theology serves the Seventh-day Adventist Church by preparing theologically and practically competent cadres to proclaim the eternal gospel and to form disciples of Christ in anticipation of his return. »

To nourish and share the hope that dwells in us, the motto of the FAT is a guide and an essential orientation for our faculty: "Vos estis lux mundi" (You are the light of the world). This word of Jesus is an invitation to commit ourselves to serve God and the Church by radiating the light of truth present in our world in search of meaning.

In its vision, the FAT wants to be : At the service of students to train, support and develop their vocation, provide them with a consistent theological background and prepare them for ministry. At the service of the Churches in the fields in the French-speaking world to make a theological and spiritual contribution. At the service of research so that professors can bring their insights, share their knowledge and contribute to the spread of francophone Adventism.


The Adventist Faculty of Theology is dedicated to "Teaching to Serve" (the Campus motto) :

  1. Resolutely spiritual
  2. Truly Adventist
  3. Biblically anchored
  4. Deeply human
  5. Striving for academic excellence

Resolutely spiritual It is essential that academic formation go hand in hand with a consistent spiritual life to prepare for pastoral or other services in the Church. This is, of course, primarily the responsibility of each student, but the AFL must also play a leading role in this regard. The relationship with Jesus is paramount.

On the other hand, to speak of authentic Adventism means that we are happy and proud to be Adventists, even if of course not everything is perfect in our Church. The Faculty is there to serve the Adventist Church, but also to be the engine of an Adventism that is faithful to its roots and identity while making sense in our present context.

Moreover, the biblical anchoring of pastoral formation is essential. It is fundamental that future pastors be experts in the Bible, not only at the level of their exegetical and theological understanding of the Scriptures, but also in their ability to propose and share deep, existential and relevant readings of the Word of God.

Finally, an Adventist faculty is not just a factory for teaching and preparing degrees, but considers each of its students with deep humanity. While everyone at the AFT is encouraged to excel, to give their best, it is important to consider and accompany each student individually. Responding to God's call and devoting time and money to training to serve the Lord is not without its pitfalls and difficulties, and it is normal, as much as possible, that students feel supported and receive profoundly human support.

Teaching staff