José Figols Research Centre


The José Figols Centre is an Adventist theology faculty's reserach and documentation on pratical theology centre. Its mission is to encourage and disclaim research around youth ministries and  evangelisme adapted to our times and society.

4 main aims enable this vision:

  • reasearch (individual or collective, by teachers ansd students)
  • documentation (books, folders and reviews are publically available to all that visit the centre within the campus Library)
  • formation and communication in order to share
  • to make known the different challenges and action guidelines for an (pertinent carrying out of ideasactual )practice and living out.

Several research projects are currently being carried out, among them we can make special mention of a collective project for 2016-2017 around the notion of conversion aiming to highlight the key criteria of the process that brings our fellow people to choose to become a disciple of Jesus-Christ and to enter the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Centre Director


Gabriel Monet

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