Throughout the year, the Campus encourages students to participate in all kinds of social events enabling them to take care of their health, experience social and spiritual encounters and stay connected to God and others. We believe that this balance is necessary to a healthy and uplifting environment to study.

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Here is a sample list of important events that you can experience on campus. Its the combination of all these moments, just as much as your studies that make your stay on campus unforgettable ...

Sport activities

The Campus has a gymnasium, outdoor sports facilities enabling students to do both indoor and outdoor sports and according to the weather conditions. 

A sports activities calendar is elaborated at the beginning of the semester, including basket-ball, volley-ball (participate in international tournaments), ping-pong, badminton, foot-ball... A reference person for sports activities is appointed each year.

Zumba classes are included in the calendar thanks to the collaboration with the parents'association. A Workout room is open 24/7  in the hall of residence.

Moreover, the campus geographical situation is in itself an insentive for walking, hiking, jogging...

Music activities

The Halls of residence each have a piano that students can use as they wish and need to.

A campus choir meets once a week for a rehursal with the choir conductor. The choir performs regularly in church and in exterior events.

Social events

A great number of social and cultural events are organized throughout the semester. Here are a few examples:

  • Touristic visits in the area, including international organizations in Switzerland.
  • Visiting the Reformation sites in Geneva.
  • Ski outings to the nearby ski resorts, ice-skating outings 
  • Book Fair and Car showroom in Geneva
  • Campus "Hats Day"
  • Participating in the Feast of Saint Barbara, participting in the Telethon... 

In the Halls of Residence

The halls of residence are a privileged venue for social activities, special meals, recreative soirees (films followed by a debate, board games, theme parties)etc...

The campus wishes to make students stay as pleasant as possible.

At the Cafeteria

The cafeteria is the place to eat every day, but it is also a convivial venue for organising theme meals (Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Savoyard...) or meals followed by games.

For special events, such as Thanksgiving or Valentines day, the cafeteria turns into a real restaurant full of surprises, decorated  by students. During such events, the festive atmosphere and the menu are unforgettable !

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Spiritual events

The spiritual life on the Campus is intense and it is with joy that the students participate in the different spiritual times offered to them:

  • A week of biblical reflection on various current themes,
  • Special evenings of testimonies, sharing, night of praise,
  • Bible studies, times of prayer,
  • Opening of the Sabbath (Refresh) every Friday night at the campus church at 7:30pm,
  • Catechesis time (9:15 am) and worship service of praise and reflection (10:45 am) every Saturday at the campus church.
  • Cult OASIS every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Aula. Contemporary worship for young people,
  • Fun & Spi" weekends, weekends programmed to have fun and recharge your batteries,
  • A chaplaincy service is at your disposal.


The chaplain are there to answer students' questions, listen to them, advise them, talk about their projects or difficulties...

  • Do not hesitate to contact them by email:
  • All chaplaincy news is on Facebook



The Campus Church welcomes all students and all those who wish to do so during times of catechesis and worship or special events.

At the beginning of the year, the services are translated into English to facilitate the adaptation of foreign students.

Find all the information on the website of the Campus church:

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Students Association on Campus

The Students' Association of Campus adventiste du Salève (AECAS) is an independent association under the law of 1901. Its actions enable students to raise funds for various projects. The association generates and coordinates number of events. It is also resourcefull, helping students get along with their day to day life.

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Millefeuille shop

The Campus is delighted to have a shop offering organic and fresh foods amongst other things:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Breads and organic patisseries (through order)
  • Organic delicatessen
  • Vegetarian groceries
  • Stationary/cards
  • Bookshop (French/English/Christian/Children)

This service is very useful to Students that do not have a vehicule or to people that only have a little time to do their shopping. In any case clients are verythankful to have such a service on Campus.

Opening times :

  • Monday - 15h-18h
  • Tuesday - Closed
  • Wednesday - 11h-14h
  • Thursday- 15h-18h
  • Friday- 11h-14h

Visit the shop's website for further information

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