Student Handbook

A word from the Principal

Dear Student,

It is a great pleasure for me to wish you a walm welcome to Campus adventiste du Salève for this new year.

You have chosen to go through with secondary or universitary studies. This is a very good choice and it is important to fix yourself some high standards in order to succeed in your personnal and professional life.You must now live up to this choice you have made.

Live up to it, means first of all to be comitted to your studies. Our schools mission is to help you prepare your future, and to give you tools to live up to your ambitions and life plan. We aim to open minds up to the world, to its diversity of cultures and for each one to grow in all dimensions of their life.

Moreover, the Campus invites you to embrace your life, learn to use your liberty to respect each and one another. Liberty and responsibility work together, two sides of a same challenge. Remember that as true as it is that teachers and staff are by your side to help you, the only person campable of mmaking you succeed is YOU.

Making the most of your year also supposes that you take an active part of campus life. The student guide presents a variety of activities (sports, muscial activities, spiritual events, etc..) on offer. Do not hesitate to get implicated. Dynamism on Campus depends on each ones implication. You will always find an attentive ear if you share a personal project with the Students association or with staff.

On behalf of all the staff on Campus, i wish you a fulfilling year in every aspect of your life. May you succeed in the path you have chosen for yourself. Do not minimize your efforts. We will be here to stand beside you.

Enjoy your year!

Jean Philippe Lehmann
Directeur of the Campus adventiste du Salève

Student Handbook