Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries

Campus ministries is an active part of the Campus' spiritual life. Aware of student's difficulties, we aim to stand by students to help them fulfill their goals and calling. Throughtout the numerous spiritual activities and events offered on campus, we want students to find spiritual nourishment  and the opportunity to put their faith into action. The programme offers different weekly worship opportunities. The chaplain and his team are at students and staff's disposal for visits.

Members of the Chaplains team participate in the "Spiritual Life Comittee" which produces an attractive spiritual events calendar. It aims to be creative and strives to encourage students to participate in numerous worship opportunities such as: prayer walks, recreative evenings, worship moments, festive meals, freshman welcoming meals, choir, sabbath-opening programmes, afterglow, sabbath school...

Being the liasiaon between the Campus church, the Students association and the near-by communities, the team collaborates in various programmes, seminars, weeks of prayer, ecumenical meetings in Saint-Julien, etc..

Our motto for this year is : "I'll have my eye on you" Psaum 32: 8

Sample of a weekly programme

  • Monday to Friday at 7:50am at the Faculté : 7 minutes avec Dieu
  • Monday at 7:30pm at the Clairière: Eden Time (for girls)
  • Wednesday at 7:30pm at the Clairière : Tea, Talk, Think - spiritual exchanges and conviviality
  • Friday at 7:30pm at the church/Aula/Jean Weidner : Refresh (vespers)
  • Saturday at 9:15am at the Clairière: Et si on ouvrait la Bible? (sabbath school for young)
  • Saturday at 9:15am at the church : Partage autour de la Bible
  • Saturday at 10:15am at the church: Culte, prière et louange

Newsletter (in french)

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Newsletter n°3 - may 2020

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