Daniela Gelbrich

Professor of Old Testament


+33 (4)4 50 87 68 16

Born in Germany in 1977, single

What I enjoy in my ministry is the encounter with other human beings in search of meaning and life. I am convinced that the Bible tells our story as humanity, touching deeply and without hesitation our questions and our existential experience. It is therefore a privilege for me to share, with others, the beauty, depth and relevance of the Hebrew Bible and its God for us today. It is a God who does the unthinkable: He remains entirely faithful and loyal to the human being who breaks his trust and accomplishes for him what he could never accomplish otherwise.


Parcours professionnel


Parcours professionnel


Professional background


Teaching and Research Areas

Courses taught: Hebrew, Old Testament Exegesis, Daniel, Prophets, Pentateuch

Areas of research: the prophets (especially Isaiah), the semantic field of the root 'MN, Genesis 1-3, the God of the covenant



Articles in theological journals and contributions to collective works

Ruth, SDAIBC, Andrews University, Michigan, USA, forthcoming publication

"Isaiah's Apocalypse or Hope in the Face of Distress," in Servir, Adventist Journal of Theology, Spring 2020.

"A Theological Look at Justice," in Serving, Adventist Review of Theology, Fall 2019, pp. 3-8.

"Vivre le projet divin dans un monde absurde," in Pistis, Mélanges offerts à Richard Lehmann, Adventist Faculty of Theology, Editions Vie et Santé, Dammaries-les-Lys, 2010.

Articles on Genesis 2 and anthropomorphisms relating to God in the Old Testament in the Adventist Review.