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SERVIR - Revue adventiste de théologie is the journal of the Adventist Faculty of Theology of Collonges-sous-Salève (France). Open to all areas of theology, its ambition is to promote Adventist research and theology, especially through the French-speaking network of Adventist faculties and theologians. 

The Adventist Review of Theology - Servir is a tool that promotes research and allows those interested in theological questions to discover what they need to be nourished, encouraged and stimulated. This journal seeks to contribute to the synergy between the various French-speaking Adventist faculties (Cameroon, Haiti, Madagascar, France) and the theologians who depend on these universities but also those who practice in other contexts. The Collonges faculty is pleased to be a driving force in this direction and hopes to offer all historians, practical theologians, systematists, and biblical scholars great writing opportunities by sharing their explorations and reflections. This provides rich reading opportunities for all: theologians, students, pastors and leaders, but also for all those who have any interest in theology. This journal is intended to be serious and scientific, but not elitist or too technical, so as to remain accessible to the greatest number of people, and thus to contribute to a constructive view of Adventism, as well as a relevant Adventist view of the Bible, history, ecclesiology...

The title of the Adventist theological journal, Serving, conveys a vision that engages, that asserts a coherent biblical anchorage in a happy Adventist identity, while seeking to be culturally relevant... To have a theological journal just for the sake of intellectual reflection is limiting, whereas all theological research can have as its vocation a contribution to the ministry of the church in general and of each individual in particular. Serving is a profoundly theological commitment, that is to say, it is not part of a purely action-oriented approach, but of a dynamic that combines reflection and action on the one hand, and human action with divine action on the other. The drawing that illustrates the cover of this magazine is meant to convey this idea that all action (symbolized by the hand) is meant to be supported and inspired by God through his Holy Spirit (symbolized by the dove).



Servir n°10


La prière, un carrefour de la théologie Gabriel Monet, p. 3-6 

Au seuil du Notre Père. Une exploration de Matthieu 6.6-8 Émilie Escure-Delpeuch, p. 7-24

 Les racines juives du Notre Père Daniela Gelbrich, p. 25-30

Le Notre Père dans les évangiles de  Matthieu et de Luc : prière unique et multiple Luca Marulli, p. 31-34    

Les enjeux théologiques derrière les traductions du Notre Père Roland Meyer, p. 35-54                                                                        

 Le Notre Père dans la littérature française Laura Monachini, p. 55-59 

Dieu peut-il réellement être notre père ? Rose-Mélène Eliscar, p. 61-87 

Apprivoiser la colère par la prière. Réflexions sur les psaumes imprécatoires Patrice Fauvé-Sablon, p. 89-98 

Des racines au ciel. Une théologie empreinte de prière en Éphésiens 3.14-21 Marcel Ladislas, p. 99-106 

La prière, clé d’un partenariat divin Karl Johnson, p. 107-115 


Servir n°11


Aimer Dieu de toute sa pensée Gabriel Monet, p. 3-7 

« Depuis la fondation du monde ». L’expression  kataboles kosmou et ses implications théologiques Sully Payet, p. 9-32 

Sabbat, écologie, prophétie et archéologie : une relation probable Rivan Dos Santos, p. 33-51 

L’expiation dans la religion traditionnelle africaine et dans le christianisme. Une étude comparative  Guy Josia Ndombo, p. 53-71 

La bête terrestre est le véritable faux prophète Yannick Agricole, p. 73-92 

Centenaire du commentaire de L’Épître aux Romains  de Karl Barth (le Römerbrief) Michel Burnier, p. 93-101 


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